Loujuan's Mocha Java of Sprague

Hips: OFA prelim Excellent
Elbows: OFA prelim Normal
PennHip: .38/.31
DM gene test - Carrier (not affected)
Her Pedigree <

Java comes to us from a wonderful breeder in Oklahoma. Chai is her half sister, they have the same dad. She is a striking red sable long coat who carries blue & liver. I feel like everything I am going to say about Java is going to be very similar what I said about Chai! But I can't help it, they are just so similar. Java LOVES swimming and playing in the water, it seems like she is always wet. She will run full speed and jump into our ponds! Java is happy to sit home and hangout with you all day but she also loves jumping in the truck and going out exploring with you. She's a very happy, confident dog, not much phases her. She is incredibly loyal and loving and if you let her, she will gladly sit in your lap! She would make a great therapy dog as she loves to just sit with you and soak in attention & love, she's such a sweet girl. She's a good watch dog too but can't wait for the "OK" so she can be your friend. Java has the type of conformation we breed for and we look forward to showing her in the UKC conformation show ring in 2019. Like her sister we expect her to be a great addition to our breeding program and we feel very lucky to have her!