June 2016 - Hi Sandy, Attached are pictures of my canines! Rose, Enzo, and my 13 year old golden, Chloe. Rose is quite a love.  She is the family "activity coordinator", and Enzo's shadow.  She is beautifully perfect. Enzo is handsome, has an endearing personality, is calm, and loves being top dog since our golden is getting older. We just love them all. Dorothy Fowler (Enzo (solid black) is a Fancy/Elvis son and Rose is a Fancy/Dexter daughter)

June 2016 - Hi Sandy! We recently have moved to Santa Cruz and Khors couldn't be happier. Being a teacher I am able to spend the summer days going on long walks on West Cliff and making our way down to one of the dog beaches. Khors loves being on the beach with the other dogs, but mostly she loves playing fetch with her ball. She loves getting petted from strangers and she loves saying hello to other dogs when we are on walks or at a dog park. Khors and our cat love to play together and when they get tired the take naps together. When my husband and I travel we bring her along and she loves it. Her favorite thing is being able to stick her head out the window and feel the air as we drive. She loves going on hikes, in the water, to the beach, basically if she is with us she loves it! She is gentle, sweet, and playful. Khors is also very intelligent, she has passed puppy class 1, 2, and 3, and we are currently working on getting her certification in good citizenship. We are hoping within the next few months we can take and pass the test!  We love her and feel so blessed to have been able to take her home! Jake and Nikki Sylvester (Khors is a Fancy/Dexter daughter)

June 2016 - Gerta is a big, beautiful, intelligent, active girl who loves her ball!  She is a joy to have and I love her very much! Jody (Gerta is a Fancy/Dexter daughter)

June 2016 - Zelda is a beautiful and sweet girl. Her colors are absolute perfection and her big ears add to her cuteness. Everyone always comments on her beauty. She’s a little over a year now and is the most playful dog ever. She has tons of toys all over the house but her favorites are her tennis balls! She loves to play fetch but would rather hold on to the ball and have you chase her down to get it back. She loves the water and will run through the sprinklers on the lawn whenever she gets a chance. The only thing better than the sprinklers are the ponds and lakes she comes across while hiking and camping. As soon as she sees a body of water she jumps right in! She’s so good in the car, just sits quietly in the back enjoying the scenery. She loves going to visit her doggie “cousins” and plays with them non-stop during their visits. She’s such a fun and loving girl and is a wonderful addition to the family. Thanks Sandy! Vanessa (Zelda is a Fancy/Dexter daughter)

June 2016 - We brought Kenai home in August 2015 when he was 8 weeks old. I can't believe this month he turned a year old! The first day he came home with us, I was worried that our Husky, Mika, would be jealous of him and not want him here. Instead, Kenai barked at Mika, which had us all laughing at this little guy trying to act so brave. Mika fell in love with him immediately and have been inseparable. Mika loves to sprint all over our property, and although Kenai couldn't keep up as a pup, he now not only keeps up with her, but he leaves her in the dust!  Kenai follows me everywhere I go, and sits next to my desk when I'm working. He is always watching over me.  When he sits on the couch with me, he always has to have one paw resting on my lap just to make sure I know he's there. He loves his squeaky toys and gets so excited whenever he gets a new one, which is quite often (and he can literally make that toy squeak for an hour straight)! He loves going to the river and adores playing in the mud when it rains. He'll chase a tennis ball forever, but his favorite ball is my daughter's volleyball! He has claimed it as his own! He has also become best friends with our Maine Coon, Marley....I have never seen such a sweet and loving relationship between a cat and a dog. Marley just loves snuggling with Kenai when they sleep. He has been an amazing addition to our family and he brings us so much joy. And I can't tell you how many compliments we've gotten on just how gorgeous he is. He is truly the sweetest and most loving boy in the world. Carrie & Family (Kenai is a Lily/Bear son)

July 2016 - Hello Sandy! I saw you were doing updates on your past pups, and wanted to let you know how Nova is doing :) Nova is a rockstar, and we are absolutely in love with our sweet goofy girl. She has been wonderful. She is very fun, mellow, adventurous and very smart. She loves the water, her ball, and armpit scratches. She is amazing with other dogs and just wants to play and have fun. Thank you for such an amazing pup! Kohl (Nova is a Lily/Elvis daughter)

July 2016 - Hi, Sandy! Life with Hayze and Atlas is great! They're both amazing companions. I've attached some photos of both of them. Kristin (Atlas (dark markings) is a Fancy/Dexter son and Hayze is one of our retired girls who is a Glory/Ben daughter)

July 2016 - Lennox is the love of our lives. She a very sweet and loving girl. Loves to play ball and play with her friends at daycare. Her best friends are Vern a Staffie and Mahi a GSD that is 3 days older than her. She loves her girl Cameron. They are inseparable. She is a favorite at the veterinary hospital where I work. Everyone loves her! Jennifer (Lennox is a Fancy/Dexter daughter)

July 2016 - Rosie has been a wonderful family dog.  She’s gentle and playful with the kids and with our other dog.  She is eager to learn and loves having lessons, it’s amazing how smart she is!  She’s only a year old but it feels like she’s been a part of our family forever.  She’s so much fun! Thanks, Amy (Rosie is a Fancy/Dexter daughter)