May 2010 - My husband and I got our beautiful girl Remy from Hutch and Lotus's September 15, 2009 litter. Remy is now 7.5 months and is absolutely beautiful. She looks a lot like her dad but definitely very girly, feminine, and loving. She’s growing very strong and energetic, definitely the same feisty girl we fell in love with. Her favorite word is ‘pretty’ – every time she hears it, she sits down and looks up tilting her head, waiting for a treat because she’s knows whoever said it was talking about her! She’s graduated from Puppy I and Puppy II classes with honors, knows all the tricks and keeps figuring out new ones. She loves to play fetch (ball, Frisbee, a toy, a rock, a sock – anything that flies over her head) and she’s catching Frisbees with her teeth now. The only downside is that she’s also figured out how to open doors, even with the round knobs! Ever since she was a tiny pup, everyone who saw her on the street would stop and smile; you just couldn’t help yourself. She’s a bit bigger now but is just as sweet. Thank you, Sandy, for letting her into our lives. Yana and Ilan (Remy is Lotus/Hutch daughter)

January 2010 - Hi Sandy, I wanted to send you some pictures of my Gerry Lee, who was from Glory and Hutch's litter last March and is now 10 months old. He is everything I had envisioned and wanted, and so much more! He is such a big boy and is continuing to grow not only in size but in his role as our guard dog. He is very protective of my son, who's 7, while still very playful and I could not have asked for a better or more handsome dog! I had originally told you I wanted a large male, and he truly is turning out to be just that!! I have another male German Shepherd that I rescued last year who I thought was a big boy but Gerry Lee has already passed him in height and as he matures, I'm sure will pass him in weight as well. He's got long legs, stands very tall with big large ears and a big long nose. :) We moved from Antioch to Montana last June and Gerry Lee has 5.5 acres to roam and play. He knows his boundaries and stays within the limits. I had some concerns at first about him venturing onto other peoples property where they have livestock but he knows the limits and stays within them which makes me feel much better. He absolutely LOVES the snow, and loves to romp around in it, to eat it, and lay in it. He'd stay outside constantly if I let him but I bring him in the house to warm up and not overdo it since the temperatures can get in the negatives quite regularly up here. I hope you enjoyed the holidays and the New Year brings you many blessings!! I'll be in touch periodically to let you know how he's doing. Best Regards, Dana (Gerry Lee is a Glory/Hutch son)

Update: April 2010: Dakota is 1 year in the above pictures. So glad the first year puppy stage is over, even though they are soooo cute & funny, life is a little easier, ha! She is such a smart girl and so protective of us all. She weighs 85 lbs….and we thought we would get a small female, hahaha!! My son is away at college, but when he comes home she loves laying on the couch with him and cuddling (which is not allowed, ha). My daughter (high school) is her playmate, so she thinks, she knows who the softy is.She chases the squirrels in our backyard daily and LOVES to play ball. She goes everywhere with us in the car, when we say “let’s go bye-bye in the car”, she runs to the door. She is hilarious when she watches TV and barks at all the dogs. She is quite the talker too, she cracks us up, we love her! Susie & Peter
Hi Sandy: Dakota (9 mo. old) is such a smart girl, there is a reason us German Shepherd Lovers are repeat customers, there is just nothing like a Shepherd. She is so attentive to us all, but especially me, as I am home with her all day. We have had her in dog training classes since 4 months and she learned her commands easily. Potty training was a snap, as she is an indoor dog, so we focused on mastering that immediately. Her silliness is hilarious, she has us laughing all day. She looks a lot like her daddy, Hutch, especially her crinkled forehead, we love that feature. She is a wonderful addition to our family, we love her!! Susie & Pete (Dakota is a Glory/Hutch daughter)

Update: January 2010 - Here is Adicus, fours years old now and very handsome. Thought you might want to see how he's grown up. Adi is an excellent part of our family and as always he is wonderful with children. He is sweet, loving and fun. Loves to play with large basketballs and herd them. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful family dog. We can't thank you enough for our boy. Take care, The Burleigh's
Update: January 2008 - John and I just had a new addition to our family on Dec. 14th 2007. Our second daughter, Sophia was born, and our beautiful, loving, sweet Adicus has been wonderful. Our daughters could not have a better friend. Adicus is a gentle, loving, protective, friendly and fun dog. He loves to play outside, run, and shows some much patience with our 4 1/2 year old. Whenever our little Sophia cries, he walks over to her and sits beside her. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful dog. The Burleigh's
January 2007 - I sent a few pictures of Adicus so that you can see how big and beautiful he has become. We are so happy with him. Adicus is a well tempered dog, he is incredibly gentle with our 3 1/2 year old daughter and very loving with John and I. The days that I work Adicus goes to doggy day care and goes to Marin with a pack of dogs and enjoys hikes, walks and lots of running, socializing and play time. We receive compliments about Adicus all the time, especially on how beautiful he is. Enjoy the pictures.

Update: February 2008 - Hi Sandy, The pups are doing good! They are both so wonderful, and yet with such different personalities. Pacha is very brave. They are both afraid of swimming, but she'll swim in order to get a stick- Louie just whines, he he. Louie is cuddly, but his sharp mind is probably his best quality. Our trainer said that if he wasn't neutered he'd be police dog material. He is amazingly smart, talkative, playful, and loves Frisbee. Pacha can also play Frisbee. Her favorite activity is cuddling- sometimes I think she is a cat :) She is very sensitive. When Louie coughs she stares at him for a while to make sure he is OK. She is super fast too- like a gray hound. They both can run next to a bike, heel, and all that good stuff. Thanks for checking in! Shayna
Hi Sandy! From the looks of them you would never guess Pacha and Louie are brother and sister, but they both inherited an amazing amount of affection, playfulness, quick learning abilities, and sibling love. Pacha is the dominant one of the two, and loves to be at our feet or cuddling on the couch at all times. Louie has an award winning nose (he can sniff out any treats we hide) and prefers to be held on one's lap for about 30 seconds before he goes off to find his next toy. It is amazing how smart they are- they seem to know just what we want from them, and I must say, I never knew German shepherds were so cuddly. Thanks Sandy! We love them, our home wouldn't be the same without them. (Pacha and Louie are Mona/Ben puppies)

Hi Sandy. Cirrus was the blue boy from Lotus and Bens 2008 litter. He is everything I hoped for and more. He is my guardian and friend. He is so smart, affectionate, handsome, and silly too. Everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful he is. He loves to bark and play with the shovels or anything metal just like his mom and her food bowl. He loves playing in the sprinkler (or any water) and loves watching fire works to. He'd eat them if he could. We go to the dog park every weekend where he enjoys playing with dogs his size. We have taught him many tricks but he seems to be inherently good at everything. He's Amazing! I could go on and on about how wonderful this dog is. Thank you for everything Sandy!!! (Cirrus is a Lotus/Ben son)

Update: October 2008 - Here is Krystal at age 2.  She weighs in at 83 pounds.  She is a complete social butterfly, and loves being around her immediate family, as well as all her friends.  She is very obedient, and respects what she is being told.  I'm amazed regularly about her intelligence.  Her brain is like a sponge, and she absorbs things so very fast.  She even learns things that I never really intended to teach her, just by observing a situation.  She is the only dog on my street, and the neighborhood kids adore her, and she loves play time with them.  She loves her home in the Bay Area, but also loves visiting family in Tahoe.  And she loves swimming in Donner Lake.  All her siblings look great, Thank you so much
Hello Sandy, Just wanted to update you on how Krystal has been doing.  She is incredibly smart and knows all basic obedience, plus 13 fun tricks.  We are always complimented on her beautiful coloring and are so grateful to have her in our lives.  She is the youngest and the smartest in her intermediate class.  And hope to have her trained as a therapy dog and agility dog.  We think that all of her siblings look great, and can't believe how much she and her brother Harley look identically alike.  She loves interacting with her friends at the dog park and hopefully someday she can meet up with some of her siblings and parents.  She is very loved and spoiled, especially since her mommy works at a doggy boutique.  We will keep you updated on her progress. Thanks again, Dan and Amber (
Krystal is a Glory/Ben daughter)

Hi Sandy, Here are some updated pictures of that little dog with the kitten on your web-site. As you can see, Max (Sprague's Maximum Ride, OFA Good) has turned into a handsome young dog! His second birthday is soon and he has grown to around 90 pounds. He is a very calm, sweet, big boy. He really likes the ladies too! Not only has he sired two litters already, but he is my wife's constant companion. He goes everywhere with her and gets sad if she leaves the house without him. All the girls at the vet's office love him. We are very pleased and happy that Max ended up with us. I know he had a tough beginning, but everything has worked out just fine. He has the run of the house and the yard and lets everyone walking by know he is around! We look forward to watching him grow, mature, and spend the rest of his days with us. Lewie (Max is a Glory/Ben son)

Update: September 2008 - Hi Sandy, Here are a few pics of our big guy.  Ben is as handsome as ever, always full of energy and a quick learner.  Ben has become a special part of our life and is a faithful and true protector of his family.  He loves balls and is willing to do just about anything for one............Ben had his check up last week with the Veterinarian and is in perfect health.  We get compliments all the time about how handsome he is.  Thank you for keeping in touch.  Will send updates again soon. The Graves Family
Sandy, Just a little note to let you know how happy we are with our new addition (Ben).  He was the dark blue boy from the Lexi and Spike litter. Ben is such a wonderful, happy, loving companion. Everywhere we go we get compliments on how handsome he is. Our 6 year old son and Ben are buddies but I have to say he is a Mommy's boy at heart I call him "my shadow". He loves the water so if the hose is on you can't keep him out of it. Ben is a quick learner and picks up on everything immediately. We can't imagine not having him as part of our family. Thank you so much. Sincerely, The Graves Family (Ben is a Lexi/Spike son)

Zeus is a great addition to our family. His temperament is great and he loves people and other dogs. We have a new born baby now and he keeps an eye on her when he is in the house with us. He is very smart he knows all the names of his toys and our friends. He loves to go for rides in the car and going to work with Cody. We are teaching him to find people. He also loves playing tug of war and hide n go seek in the house. We can't keep him out of the water, whether its in the bath tub, hose or river. He was unsure of the river at first but once he got in it there was no getting him out. He played in the snow this winter and loved jumping around in it. When we take him places we don't have to tie him up, he knows his boundaries and stays within them. He is absolutely awesome, we thank you very much. Cody & Heidi (Zeus is a Mona/Ben son)

Update: September 2008 - Hi Sandy: Thought I would send you some recent pictures of Harley. He's doing fantastic! He weighs in at 90 lbs (although he thinks he's still a little pup!) and is standing at just about 29 in. His head looks over our kitchen counter! He trys hard to be a lap dog but the only thing that will fit on my lap is his head! I can't tell you how many people are amazed at the size of him. He's quite the big boy! I've even had several people ask me if he was part wolf. Had his annual check up the other day and has a clean bill of health! He's half way done with protection training and has mastered all the commands! As you can see from the pictures, he and my son have a special bond. He's an absolute pleasure to have around. Still enjoy browsing through your website. Harley may need a little friend sometime in the near future! Take care, Tracy
Update: March 2007 - Hi Sandy, Just wanted to send you a couple of updated pictures of Harley. He is doing very well. I can't believe he is coming up on his 1 year birthday already! Time does surely fly! He loves to be outside with all the kids. I wasn't sure if I had mentioned this to you in any of my e-mails before, but we actually have some of the neighborhood kids coming to our door and asking if Harley could come outside to play! They play soccer with him and Harley attempts to play basketball. Once he gets that ball the game is on!! Aside from his playfulness, he is very protective of our family. Anyway, hope all is well with you and glad to see all the beautiful pups on your website.
Hey Sandy, Just a note to tell you how happy we are that Harley came into our lives! What an awesome dog he is turning out to be!  He is a very sweet boy and extremely intelligent! He's great with all the neighborhood kids as well as our own! We put him in boarding this last weekend at the same place he is taking his puppy kindergarten classes since my husband and I went out of town and the man that runs the kennels said that Harley was the most beautiful German Shepherd he has ever seen and that he had awesome markings!! Of course I had to agree! Much luck with your future litters..........we check out your website from time to time to see the new never know....there may be another one in our future!!!  Tracy and Michael (Harley is a Glory/Ben son)

Hi Sandy, We Love our puppy so much, you dont know how greatful we are to have gotten such a great dog from you. Marley has surpassed our expectations. She is the best dog we have had. She has no problem letting our 3 yr old daughter jump all over her, she has never groweled at her, but she is very protective. She has to be right next to our daughter when we take her out for walks. We have received so many compliments on her. I have attached a few of the most recent pictures of Marley for you. (We named her Marley because she was so mellow when we picked her up from you it made us think of Bob Marley, not the movie). Thanks, Amy and Family (Marley is a Glory/Hutch daughter)

Good Evening Sandy and Tina, Picture one is Zak at 2 months sitting by the fire place and picture two is Zak Black Beauty (10 months) and Crush Crystal (3 years). Zak was from the January 2008 litter of Ben and Mona. He is a wonderful addition to our family, his demeanor could not be better and everyone comments on how beautiful and soft his coat is. He is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever had and has already out grown his sister --height and length. He loves to hang out in the backyard with the family however, after our trip to the mountains I believe both dogs would prefer to be back on the trail and in the water. Hoping all of your family, two and four legs, are happy and healthy, Kristina and Doug (Zak is a Mona/Ben son)

Update: October 2009 - Hi Sandy, Tucker is now 1.5 years old, about 100 lbs and has grown into a very loving and playful family member. Since my last update, he’s experienced snow, camping, backpacking, and more swimming, which he just loves. He’s been a great addition to our active family. We adopted a rottweiller mix littler sister for him and his personality really came thru then – gentle yet stern when playing with her, but occasionally the big brother who likes to walk by and pull pigtails just because. They are always playing together and have become the best buddies, along with our cat. Because of Tucker, we will always have a GSD as part of our family. Thank you so much!
Update: October 2008 - Tucker’s growing into a great family dog. We’ve never owned a GSD and are both so impressed with his personality, intelligence, agility and snuggleness! :) We can’t wait to take him camping next summer. He loves swimming, playing, boating, playing, fetching, sleeping and playing with the kitten (Dexter, they’re about 2 weeks apart in age). If I can catch them in a better picture sitting still together, I’ll forward that one
 too. Thanks again, David and Kay
Hi Sandy, We picked up one of your puppys (red-puppy) on 6/7 and thought you’d like to see how he’s grown in the last 5 weeks. Attached is a picture of Tucker Max. He’s a big goofball puppy and is very smart. He already knows sit, down, and loves to play fetch with a tennis ball best.  He also loves the water, we have a small koi pond in the backyard and he loves to splash his paws and face in the pond. However, we do monitor/discipline him to a point since we don’t want him jumping in the pond to cool off (like our last dog would do on occasion). We trained our last dog with a small kiddie pool and are doing the same with him to get familiar with the water and getting his face wet so we can take him camping and boating. He’s growing into a great dog! Thanks again. We’ve already mentioned you several people who have asked. (Tucker Max is a Lexi/Hutch son)

Update: July 2009 - Sandy, here is another picture of Lilly after her CGC test, at 14 months. She is such a love and so smart and easy to train. She is always by my side-even now as I write she is pressed up against my leg. She gets along well with our other dogs. Is afraid of skateboards but loves to pop balloons with her mouth, which freaks out my other dogs! My husband is in a wheelchair, and she picks things up from the floor for him, can open up the back door, fetches the paper. She loves to play basketball and driveway hockey with my boys, and plays fetch with a tennis ball. Besides catch, she plays hide and go seek with her beloved tennis balls either inside where we plant it somewhere, or outside when we toss it into bushes. She loves to swim in pools as well as the ocean. In fact she loves water so so much, sometimes we call her Water Lilly. I hope Lotus and Hutch's next litter also produces such awesome pups. Holly
Lilly is such a sweetheart, very affectionate to everyone in the family and close friends. She absolutely loves water and swimming.  She loves playing with our older Malinois- chase games, wrestling, tug of war.She is a quick study. She knew "sit" and "down" at 9 weeks. She's learned "go to bed", "come", "sit/stay", "down/stay", "watch me", "don't touch" (the treat), "don't go in the street", and is getting consistent with giving the ball to me when asked.  She learning to heel fairly well and sits when I stop- we're working on this. She's figured out how to open the screen door and lets herself in and out of the house. She loves to sit at my feet when I work on the computer, but got frightened by my reflection in the window- started growling at it!  She's not a major chewer (she's getting her big teeth right now)-gnawed on the corner of a picnic bench, but is satisfied with Kong or other chew things.  Her favorite toys are bricks and rocks, and anything she can steal from our other dogs crates.  My husband has had surgery for cancer and is having chemo now (all unexpected when we decided to get her back in April), and she has brought so much joy into our house during this time. Thanks so much-Holly (Lilly is a Lotus/Hutch daughter)

Bear is the perfect addition to our little family.  He's so loving and sweet and just wants to be with us all the time.  It's amazing how loyal he was right from the start.  We never had to put him on a leash because he would stay right with us.  He loves to swim at the lake in our dog park and play soccer in the fields.  Hiking and running with my husband and his friends is also a favorite.  One of his more strange habits is what my husband calls "Bone Surfing".  We buy him these giant bones and he bats them around and slides on them across the wooden floor.  It's very loud but funny.  Bear adjusts so well to different people, he knows when it's okay to play rough (with the tough Army guys) and when he needs to be gentle (like with me and children).  He's a frequent visitor to the military base my husband and his friends work at and we get plenty of threats of people wanting to kidnap our dog :).  Just going for a walk Bear gets a million compliments on his behavior and his coloring and eyes.  One of the best things about Bear when I'm home alone is his barking.  If the doorbell rings or he sees someone outside the window, he immediately runs to the door and barks.  He'd never hurt a soul but it's great to have him warn strangers that he's in there.  Overall, we couldn't be happier with our just wouldn't be the same if he was gone.  -Martel and Jake (Bear is a Mona/Ben son)

Update: May 2010 - Hi Sandy- Just wanted to send you a picture of Doc. He is such a good boy. Total focus on ball playing and kids. He loves our granddaughter and plays lifeguard when she is in the bathtub. Hope all is well! Laurie McKay
Hi Sandy- Doc Holliday is doing well. He is 5 months old and weighs 60 lbs. The vet thinks he will be huge! He is definitely owner focused and smart as a whip. He knows over 8 commands already and is always willing to show off for a treat. I think he looks like his dad- Hutch. I have attached a recent photo and will keep them coming as he grows. Talk to you soon! Laurie McKay Wimberley, TX (
Doc Holiday is a Lexi/Hutch son)

Hi Sandy, I wanted to write you to tell you about Malka, and hope that she will turn up on the "past pups" gallery page! Malka was from the 2008 Ben and Lotus litter, born on Halloween, and shares her birthday with my husband! We knew it was meant to be. She is now 8 months old. Malka follows both of us everywhere, and we already have a strong bond and can't imagine life without her. One of the things that we love the most is that Malka loves car trips and is always up for traveling with us anywhere. She is perfect in the car, even on long rides, and while she was a little spooked by "the great outdoors" at first, she is now starting to adore our trips to the river and the woods. I always feel better having her in the house with me when I am home alone. She is definitely a watch dog, but is very friendly when I invite people in. We always get comments on her beautiful appearance, she is quite the looker like her mom and dad! We can't wait to see how her personality grows and develops as she gets older. Thanks again for bringing our Malka into the world! (Malka is a Lotus/Ben daughter)

Update: March 2009 - Hello, Here are a few pics of Haley that are updated.  She was from Lexi - Hutch in April 2008. Haley has been through full private obedience training and was highlighted as being one of the more intelligent dogs they have seen.  She is extremely friendly with all animals and humans of all ages.. just an amazing temperment for a GSD. She now loves swimming and chasing sticks and of course tennis balls.. she has a great working drive and just aims to please.. We are very happy with her!
Haley is almost 6 months old now and she has grown into a beautiful fun loving dog.  She loves to run and chase the ball.  Her temperament is so perfect.  She loves people of all ages and is the most gentle giant we have known.  She doesn't know she is grown yet though and still thinks she is a small puppy, but she is learning.  She loves to play in the water and at the park... anything in the outdoors. (Haley is a Lexi/Hutch daughter) 

Hi Sandy! Thought you might want to see her at 10 months. She's been a wonderful dog. Excellent tracker. LOVES to fetch. Smart, easygoing, athletic, watchful. She knows sit, down, come, stay, heel, wait, in, out, place. She gets my paper from the driveway every morning. We would buy from you again and recommend you to others. By the way, she's totally spoiled here and thanks her lucky stars we picked her. Thanks for such a great puppy! Pat and Kathy (Kona is a Mona/Hutch Daughter)

Update: June 2009 - Hello Sandy, I just wanted to send a couple of photos to you of Maggie and a quick up date. She is such a great dog and fits with our family and life style just perfectly. She loves her family and is friendly with all whom enter our house even other dogs that will come for a visit. She has been so easy to train and learns new things very quickly, even faster than our blue healers at learning which I really didn’t think possible. Mags has so much personality and is just a crack-up to play with….what a goof :o). She is a rather vocal dog too and I swear that she is trying to talk to us at times. When I come home from work, I’m greeted at the door by both dogs and escorted by them to the kitchen. Maggie will be trotting ahead of me talking in this deep “whaa whaa whaa” tone the whole time and will sit patiently (but still talking to me) until I pet her on the head then trot away happily. I’ve never had a dog do that before and it makes me laugh every time J. Usually, dogs will jump and twirl and whine but not her, she talks. Anyway, Maggie is a wonderful dog that we just love to death. Suzie and Family
Hi Sandy, Maggie has fit in with our family just great. We started leash training just as soon as we got her home and with love and lots of patience she has almost mastered walking healing at our side. She sits, stays and will lay down on command.  Potty training went great, she uses the dog door and hasn’t had an accident in the house in months. Her favorite games are playing fetch with 2 racquet balls at a time, tossing her food dish around the house and hearing it bang really loud and last but not least, tormenting our older dog Katie which is great fun for Maggie. I think Katie secretly likes the attention. Anyway, here are some pic for you. Oh, we think that Maggie look a lot like her dad Hutch. Only she’s girly :) We can’t imagine life without her now and we will send updates as the year progresses. Suzie and Joe (Maggie is Lexi/Hutch daughter)