Here you will find information on our current litters. If you haven't already please visit the "About" tab to learn more about our dogs and the way we raise our puppies.  If you are interested in a puppy please visit the "Questionnaire" tab for information on how to adopt. Lastly take a look at the "Past Pups Gallery" where we have 60+ testimonials featured and see for yourself the consistency in temperaments produced, ease of training and the happiness brought to countless families by our German Shepherd puppies.

Current Litters

None at the moment!

Upcoming Litters

Rowan x Bane due around July 21st! They will have black & tan and black & cream sable puppies and probably a few whites! All SHORT coats. Bane belongs to a friend and is an amazing boy! Here are some pictures of Rowan & Bane together.

Planned Litters

Eleanor will be bred around July for puppies that will be ready to go around November. We are still deciding on who her future husband will be but it will be an all short coated litter.

We have 1-2 long coat litters planned for fall/winter! Possible moms are Chai, Java & Moonshine. More information will be posted soon!

If you would like to be added to the waiting list for a planned litter please visit the "Questionnaire" page.