About our dogs
The dogs in our breeding program are dogs we live with and cherish. We see them as family members. All our dogs are house, crate and kennel trained; none of our dogs are strictly kennel/outside dogs. Some our dogs prefer to be outside more than in and some of them prefer to be inside more then out, just depends on the individual dog. With having several intact adult dogs we have found it very necessary to have some kennels set up. We have several very spacious kennels that our dogs actually loving being in. Since they are not in kennels 24/7 like some breeders, being in kennels is not a burden to them. We use the kennels as a safe place to keep our puppies and adult dogs in when we are not home or when they can't be properly supervised. Leaving a litter of puppies or even just 1 puppy loose in the countryside is just asking for trouble! We also use the kennels to prevent unplanned litters by keeping girls separated from the boys. Our dogs spend hours running around the ranch and playing in the ponds daily, I don’t think you’ll find happier dogs anywhere else!

The dogs we choose to have in our breeding program do not have extremely high drives, they still like to play ball and go for walks/jogs with us but are generally more calm and easy going in their nature, never hyper. We make sure to choose dogs that have good food/toy drives, which helps in training. All our dogs are naturally protective of our house and family members, we always know when some is approaching the house! They are very confident dogs and know when to be friendly and when not to be.

There is always a dog or 2 with us when we go places, so the dog needs to have a good sound temperament to "travel" with and be apart of the family. We want to produce puppies that make the best family companions but are still capable of doing things like search & rescue, therapy & service work, tracking, competition obedience, agility, etc. Our main goal is to produce German Shepherds with sound temperaments and good health. Intelligent, eager to learn, happy dogs that want to be with you, please you and protect you if need be! We are fully dedicated to improving the German Shepherd breed now and for many years to come. 

You will notice that we prefer dogs with straighter backs and no extreme angulations. We get comments all the time about how our shepherds look like the shepherds of "years ago." People love our shepherds because they don't "walk funny" and their hind ends aren't low to the ground because of extreme angulation. Our dogs also don't have the "roach back" common of some german lines. The temperaments of our dogs are also very "old style." We love the White German Shepherd lines because of their structure and wonderful temperaments and have incorporated them into our breeding program. We show our dogs in conformation with the United Kennel Club which recently revised their standard of the GSD to basically accept GSDs like ours in their show rings verses the GSDs with extreme angulations that are typically shown in AKC. To see the revision, click here.

All our dogs come from excellent bloodlines that we have carefully researched. Remember that these dogs are also our companions so we do want the best! In most cases we have met or owned all our dogs parents and/or their grandparents so this helps us even more in knowing what types of puppies will be produced. We have all our dogs hips x-rayed before breeding and we will only breed dogs clear of hip dysplasia. Our dogs are fed a high quality food and are supplemented with Ester C. They receive regular veterinary care and are all happy, healthy dogs and it really shows!