March 2015 - Hi Sandy, It is hard to believe that it has been one year since Packer ("Orange boy," Fancy/Elvis 2nd litter) came home. This boy is so full of personality and makes us laugh every day. He is a incredibly loyal and affectionate, never passing up an opportunity for a belly rub. Packer loves to play fetch or any other game but also settles quickly, a very nice combination. He enjoys hiking, playing with us or his canine friends or any other adventure. Packer is one of those pups that likes to "help" with any activity, though sometimes his helpfulness means it might take longer to finish a task, we love it. He is convinced that every dog he sees wants to be his new best friend, no matter the size. He receives compliments everywhere we go. We feel so fortunate to have Packer as a part of our family, we cherish every day with him. Even those days when he is a wild (but still fun) adolescent. Thank you Sandy for our wonderful and handsome boy Packer, we adore him. Take care, Carrie (Packer is a Fancy/Elvis son)

January 2015 - At a little under one year old, Zeke has become a fantastic companion in my life. Whether it's hiking in the mountains, walking down the street or just laying around the house he always shows the perfect traits of a well bred German Shepherd. He's very friendly and excited to see those he knows, but calm, alert and aloof to those he doesn't know. Even as a adolescent, he has been (relatively ) easy to train and correct and I believe that is from how he was raised in those first few weeks of life. Also, I can't tell you how many compliments I get when we are out and about on how beautiful he is with his long, soft coat and giant fluffy tail. Thanks Sandy for breeding such a wonderful dog! - Daniel (Zeke is a Fancy/Elvis son)

January 2015 - This is Berit! (Fancy and Elvis baby) I don’t even know where to begin describing her. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family! We absolutely could not be happier with her. She is very smart, sometimes too smart, she loves the kids and the kids love her. My daughter calls Berit her little sister. They play together all the time. Berit has been through puppy class and advanced classes and passed her Canine Good Companion testing! I am hoping to make her a therapy dog. It would be a shame to keep this wonderful pup all to ourselves. She is so good with strangers and they love her just as much. Bear loves to play in the mud, water, dig holes, chew sticks, take ornaments off the Christmas Tree, and play with squeaky balls. She’s very vocal when she’s excited and she carries on forever. She also loves to ride in the car. She must go when I take the kids to school and sometimes pick them up. She has brought so much light to our family, simply has been the best dog ever! It’s hard to believe we’ve had her almost a year now! The Weckerly Family (Berit is a Fancy/Elvis daughter)

January 2015 - Tahoe Tessie has been a wonderful puppy to bring up. She is very social and loves Tahoe. She loves to swim and goes absolutely crazy in the snow! She goes almost everywhere with me and Tahoe is her home. No ticks or fleas to deal with up here. I think it is dog heaven. Where else can you play in the snow, walk on a trail in the woods, swim in the lake and go for a mountain bike ride all on the same day? She is extremely smart and has all of the stores we visit completely trained to give her treats. She works the bank tellers for a treat by standing up on her hind legs in the teller's window. She remembers who has treats and who doesn't. She has seemingly endless energy and is a very loyal companion. All I can say is she is an amazingly wonderful addition to my family. Jeff (Tessie is a Fancy/Elvis daughter)

December 2014 - Hi Sandy, Riley is "Red Boy" from Fancy/Elvis's January 2013 litter. He is a sheer joy to be around; he's so well-mannered and smart (not to mention good-lookin')! Riley properly greets everyone he meets; both people and other dogs--we attribute that to his socialization from such a young age. We enrolled Riley in puppy kindergarten the week we brought him home and he successfully completed several consecutive puppy classes after that. In addition to everything he learned in puppy school, he has been open and eager to learn new things taught by us amateurs--including "crawl," "take a shower," (he will actually go upstairs and go into the standing shower stall), "high five," and "gentle" (he gently leans in to retrieve a treat or toy from your hand). We are currently working on him singing on cue and retrieving more of his toys by name (he knows several). :) Riley was completely potty-trained at 4 months old and even with moving to a new house he still successfully uses the bells hanging by the door to alert us. He's a sensitive dog and very respectful; we haven't had to throw away a shoe yet! He loves playing with balls and he has a favorite disc toy as well. Much to Riley's dismay, the kitty wants nothing to do with him but we do allow him supervised visits with our pet bunny, who he is very gentle with. At 11 months old, Riley weighs around 70-75 lbs depending on his most recent appetite. We get compliments on him all the time and are just thrilled to have him as part of our family. :) Allison & Brandon (Riley is a Fancy/Elvis son)

December 2014 - Hi Sandy! I can’t believe that in a little over a month we will be celebrating Griffin’s (Fancy/Elvis, 1/25/2014) first birthday!!! He has brought so much joy and love to our life! He is a source of never ending entertainment and makes us laugh with his goofball personality! He is a true country dog who loves his daily ranch rides and protects the property and us. He loves everyone he meets including other furry four-legged friends. He shows a great amount of respect to our 13+ year old dog and does not put up with any guff from our alpha female. While I was initially concerned about the long hair in the country, he cleans up better than our 2 shorter hair GSDs… and I just love snuggling him with that ultra soft coat! Thank you SO MUCH for breeding such a handsome and funny pup who has brought so much to our lives! ---Janet (Griffin is a Fancy/Elvis son)

December 2014 - Hi Sandy, here is an update on Leonidas. Leo is from an Elvis/Fancy litter of January 2013. He is 11 months now and is thriving beautifully. He is in the process of his obedience training which is going fabulous! At a solid 95 lbs this boy is not only a gentle giant but has a heart of absolute gold who loves his human sisters and new baby brother. He loves all other doggies and kitties as well as his favorite toy in the whole world, his squeaky tennis ball. We could not imagine our life without Leo in it. Thank you for such an awesome creature. We adore him. Theresa & Family (Leonidas is a Fancy/Elvis son)

October 2014 - Hi Sandy! Just wanted to send over some photos so you can see how Caoimhe has grown. She really is a wonderful girl, and picks things up so quickly! We've done obedience, nose work, and agility with her, and she gets so excited when she knows it's time to "do work". Bryce just started taking her on runs with him, and I think that may be her new favorite thing. She loves to play outside, and has become good friends with our backyard cat, Pumpkin. She certainly keeps us on our toes, and we're so happy to have her in our lives! Best, Ariel and Bryce (Caoimhe is a Eve/Elvis daughter)

September 2014 - Hi Sandy, I hope you are doing well. I can't believe our girl is coming up on her first birthday. We are absolutely in love with her. She is the most wonderful addition to our family. She adores my 14 year old son and our other little dog and cat. She is so smart and has such a great disposition. She loves to learn and play ball and go to the beach. Even the trainers all talk about how intelligent she is. She can run so fast and seems to smile often. She is also gorgeous, as you can see from her photo :) and has a great sense of humor. We are deeply grateful she came into our lives. Many blessings, Sheryl (Sochi is a Remy/Hurley daughter)

March 2014 - Hi Sandy, I just wanted to give you an update on Kane. He has been such a huge blessing. We happened to lose our 11 year old in January and Kane has been here to help with her passing. He absolutely LOVES my boys. He takes them to school in the am and on the days I'm off picks them up. Weather permitting we also walk to school. He is great with all the children at their school. I'm able to put him in a down stay position and he allows the kids to walk by. If asked the kids are also allowed to pet him. I've been working with a trainer basically since I got him home. He goes to dog training group 2 times a week and has lots of friends. When he goes to the dog park, I get compliments all the time about how beautiful he is and about his great temperament. Nobody can believe his age because of his behavior as well as his size. We are working on a little separation anxiety and once we overcome this he will take his CGC test and move on to training for therapy work. I'm just so thankful for such a great addition to our family. He is just a total pleasure to have. We actually purchased a bigger car a Subaru Outback with a dog guard so we can take him just about everywhere. To say Kane is spoiled is an understatement! I have attached some pics we had taken of Kane with the boys so you can see how easy he is to handle by 9 year olds, as well as how handsome he is becoming. Thank you for producing such amazing pups! The Watts Family (Kane is a Eve/Elvis son)

February 2014 - Thought you'd like to see some pics of Ender at just over a year old. He's a huge fan of the snow! We moved to VA in Sept '13. He's big, happy, and healthy and an absolute joy! Mike (Ender is a Fancy/Elvis son)

October 2013 - Hi Sandy, Jenn and I wanted to send you some pictures of Titan to add to your past pups gallery. We can't tell you enough how happy we are with Titan. He's a real character and has been Storm's (see Storm in gallery 4) shadow since we brought him home with us. He's grown up to be such a beautiful boy. We get so many compliments about him not only for his look but because he's so well behaved. I love that Titan and Storm are so focused that it makes it so easy for me to train them. It's an awesome feeling when I'm at the park and training them that people love to stop and watch me because they do exactly what they are told. I'm so proud of them....Thanks again for bringing another special soul into our lives. Craig and Jennifer (Titan is a Shelby/Hutch son)

Update: August 2013 - Lacey has been our "baby" for 4 years now and gladly shares the spotlight with our first grandchild. Lacey loves "her baby" and comes running to check on her anytime she cries. She shares lots of kisses with Felicity, and Felicity laughs hysterically with every face-washing lick. We throw the ball, and she brings it back and drops it in Felicity's lap. I think the two of them are going to be best friends.
Update: September 2010 - Lacey: 1-1/2 years old.  It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in, so just thought I’d let you know how Lacey is doing.  Lacey continues to entertain us, our extended family, and friends with her sweet personality and silly antics.  We just seem to love her more and more all the time.  Her favorite thing in the world is a long hike to the river and then some swim time.  She is such a great traveler and goes everywhere with us.  We have been training Lacey for her AKC Canine Good Citizenship test, and tonight was the night – She passed with flying colors!  Terri & Ed
Hi Sandy - Once you get me started, I just can’t say enough about how fun this puppy has been. Thanks so much for all you do with these little guys BEFORE we even get them. I’m learning more and more how important those first few months are and how much there is to do! We’re loving it. What an incredible two months it has been with our Lacey. We’ve never had a GSD before and amazed at how smart she is and how fast she learns. She is four months old, and she fits into our family as if she’s always been here. We have so enjoyed watching the colors of her coat and her eyes change as she grows older. We’ve spent lots of time going to new places, meeting new people, and playing with other puppies. Everyone stops to tell her what a beauty she is. She knows sit, stay, down, out, and works very hard to “leave it,” as in our three cats. Her favorite treat is a squirt of Cheez Whiz. She’s been really good about chewing on her own toys and bones with only an occasional attempt at stealing someone’s shoe. She loves to play in water – her water bowl, a hose, the garden sprinklers, and now the little plastic pond in our backyard. We took her camping at Yosemite and she loved running through the tall grassy meadow in the morning and experienced her first sandy creek. She loves to play with a peanut butter and kibble filled Kong and brings it to us to fill when it’s empty. She’s learning to play fetch and release and loves to go for walks – everything outdoors. She is incredibly social and so smart. We look forward to what she has for us next! Terri & Ed
(Lacey is a Glory/Hutch daughter)

August 2013 - Hi Sandy, Saber has been such an amazing addition to our family. She is a little over a year old now and we are not sure what we did without her. She is so great with the kids even though she is now as tall as our youngest child. As a solid black she is very difficult to photograph and as the light fades, she disappears completely but we regularly get comments on how beautiful and unique she looks. She has continued to amaze us with how well behaved she is and how well she handles new situations. We just took her on her first 10 day camping trip. She has been on multiple long car trips before but this was the longest and her first camping trip. What an amazing dog she is!! Every stop along the road and at the campground she responded immediately to commands even with new distractions around her. She was so well behaved at the campground that we constantly had people stopping by to comment on her. We love her so much! Thank you for such an amazing companion! Laura and Family (Saber is a Remy/Hurley daughter)

July 2013 - Hi Tina and Sandy, I was thinking of you the other day and looked up your website to see all the beautiful shepherds and thought it's been a while since I posted anything about Koby. Koby is from Glory/Ben born March 2006. I can't believe he's 7 yrs old already! Time flies!! Koby has turned out to be the best dog! He is so in tuned with me it's awesome! He understands what I say to him, he knows my emotions and looks. He did group training and one on one training and did very well with it all, so smart! I taught him to play ball when he was a puppy and I think he would make a great short stop or outfielder!! My Dad will tell him to go get the new ball and comes back with it every time!! Tell me he's not smart!! He loves to travel and ride in the car. Every time I pick up my keys he thinks he's going too! He's good with my cat "Mama" as we'll with my daughters cat. I always take him with me to see my grandkids that live in Mesa, AZ. He loves being around my grand kids (3 & 8). They wear him out and he sleeps for two days after we get back!! About 2 yrs ago I took my oldest granddaughter on vacation with me to San Diego and of course Koby too. We were at the dog beach and my granddaughter was playing in the sand and Koby would not leave her side. No one not even another dog got to close to her. I was amazed at how protective he could be! He'd would come and check on me and I would say to him "I'm ok, watch Hazy" and right back he'd go! What an amazing dog!! He loves playing in the water with the hose. He's only been swimming once except for a few times he fell into my brother's pool! He figured it out pretty fast! He's good with most people, loves his family and friends but is also very protective with strangers! He knows what his job is and that's good! So far he's been very healthy and no major problems. So thankful for that!! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for this handsome and beautiful boy!! He is truly "amazing" and the love of my life!!! Jan Kirk - Las Vegas, NV (Koby is a Glory/Ben son)

July 2013 - Hi Sandy!!! I cannot even believe it is Zappa's 3rd birthday tomorrow. He is still such a big baby! I wanted to just write a little note and send along some pictures. (I am sending quite a few, well, because I take a million pictures of him and couldn't decide on just two or three!) Zappa lives with me and his two cat siblings. While he likes to chase them when they are being wild, Zappa man loves his kitties and is a great dog brother! I also foster baby kittens and puppies frequently and he has proved to be a gentle presence for them, that I really think helps the little ones become used to bigger animals, because he is a giant compared to them!!! Two of the pictures are with foster babies, the puppy kissing his nose, and the two little kittens that would follow him around! Zappa LOVES being outside and he is great at being off leash when we are hiking. I have become so used to how he never leaves my side (unless to chase after a squirrel) that I forget other dogs runaway when I am visiting friends and let their dog run out the front door. We are best friends and I can't imagine having another companion. Zappa is my first dog that I have raised all on my own and taken care of. He is so frickin smart I can't even believe it. He is eager to learn new tricks, protect the home, and have me throw the ball for him over and over and over (which he obediently will drop at my feet and stay until I throw). Thank you so much for bringing Zappa into this world and letting me bring him home. I love him so much and I think I can say the same about him loving me. We are two peas in a pod! Hope this finds you and the dogs well! ~Claudia and Zappa Man from Tennessee~ (Zappa is a Lotus/Ben son)

February 2013 - Hi, Sandy! Just an update on our little "Samhain" or Sam, for short. What can I say, but that he's been a fantastic dog from the start? He's been great with visiting adults and children-very sweet and friendly, and has developed a HUGE bark towards strangers that makes me feel safer when I'm home alone. Once he gets the o.k. from us, he calms down fast and is ready to play with his ball again! He picked up the "shake hands" command from watching our older Shepherd do it once, and it didn't take me long to teach him how to take socks off without biting toes. (Not that he's in training to be a service dog, I just thought I'd give him something new to do.) If he had a "real" trainer to teach him those things, I have no doubt he'd be doing all kinds of cool things! He's the smartest dog we've ever had.He's almost two, now, and while we have more to teach him, we have no doubt he'll learn quickly. We love, love, LOVE this dog, and I'm so glad we found you, a breeder who obviously cares deeply about the dogs she's bringing into the world! Thanks, Sandy, for such a great addition to our family! - Shelley (Samhain is a Shelby/Hutch son)

February 2013 -  Hi, Sorry this is so late, but here is a little blurb about Sandy "Titanic" Quinby:
Our Sandy is nearing 2 years old and she is amazing. We got her in the beginning of the summer when I had 2 months of vacation, so we took her EVERYWHERE, even places we weren't sure she'd be allowed. We (my husband, a 23 year old son, and 2 daughters, 4 &7) invented mind games for her on a daily basis. We never used a crate, although she adapted easily to a plane ride in one. Instead she sleeps at the foot of our girls' bed. She has had minimal professional training, but where she was, she was the star of the class! The instructor said after 3 weeks that I needn't bring food as reinforcement, because she loves to please. Mostly I want to say that Sandy is something to all my family. To me, she is my running (off-leash) companion, cheerily greeting all people and animals along the way. To my husband, she is constantly by his side (he works out of the home) in case he needs her. To my girls, she is a trusted protector. When they are in the backyard and I hear, "Sandy, Move!" I know she is in her usual spot: UNDER the swing, should they fall. She also has been known to sit still long enough to have ALL her nails painted twice (because the pink wasn't dark enough, so they redid them in green!). She loves hanging out with my son, his friends and his girlfriend's dachshund, Sandy's bff, at patio restaurants on warm nights, where she has never met anyone she didn't like. To our cat, she is a right-hand gal, always good for an extra wet kiss! She loves sticks and balls, but mostly she loves people. She prefers to be inside with us. Everyone notices her beauty and gentle heartedness, but I would describe her as intuitive and protective. When we come upon someone who is uneasy with her 'German Shepherdness' she gives ample space. Old, tiny or nervous dogs: she approaches gingerly, submissively, or not at all, without much direction from me. She lets the girls know when they have gone too far into the ocean by physically (gently) taking their wrist in her mouth. When there could be a potentially dangerous situation of any kind, she is on heightened alert. I always had GSDs growing up, but this was my husband's first dog. I do now realize the work that goes into 'socializing' them, as we meet other GSD owners (not from Sprague's) whose dogs have "issues". I also know how lucky I am to have found our Sandy and Sandy Ahrens! Thanks again, Carolyn Quinby (Sandy is a Shelby/Hutch daughter)

February 2013 - Lucky has been such an amazing addition to our family! He has such a fun loving personality. Some of his favorite things to do are go for car rides, chase the ball at the park, play in the water, and snuggling between us on the bed. We recently had a baby and he has been an awesome big brother. Anytime she cries he checks on her and he even lets us know when she has a dirty diaper! We couldn't imagine him not being a part of our family, after all he was our first born :o) Lindsay & Jason (Lucky is a Shelby/Hutch son)

August 2012 - Hey Sandy, We wanted to give you an update on how Zeus is doing. He is a year and a half now and such an amazing dog! He learned all commands so easily, he sleeps in his crate at night with no problems, is able to walk next to me without a leash and he is just such a love. Zeus LOVES toys and playing fetch, if I had 24 hours everyday I think he would keep bringing it back to me instead of sleeping! :) Also he is such a gentle giant, he plays fetch with our three year old son and drops the toy for him every time. He knows when to play rough with his dad and when to be gentle when his baby is around. We couldn't have asked for a better dog and we are so thankful that we waited and got him from Spragues. I know that in the future when we decide to get another pup Spragues is the only place we would go. Thanks again for giving us such an awesome addition to our family! Greg and Stephanie Hall (Zeus is a Mona/Jake son)