Guardian Home Program

We are starting a new program in our kennel! We will be looking for "Guardian Homes" for a couple of our girls. Why are we starting this program? Well we feel that in order to help our breeding program grow and for our dogs to have a family for life, that offering pick females to homes is good for all. The dogs are already in loving forever homes, the family gets a high quality companion for a nominal cost and we are allowed to grow without the strain of numerous adult animals on the property. It is a win-win for everyone!

Here is the Guardian Home Program information:

The dogs are usually available at a nominal cost (to cover microchip, vaccines, registration, etc) to you if you are an approved home (have filled out the questionnaire, etc.) and I determine that the dog and your family would be a good match for each other. The dog will live with you as your dog. When she is about 2 years old (if she isn't already) and passes all her health tests (which we will pay for) she will be bred by us. Then she spends the pregnancy with you and comes back here one week before her due date. She stays here with her pups until she weans them (5-7 weeks). Then she goes back home with you. You are welcome to visit with her and her pups while she is here. We do this for 2-3 litters or as stated. All expenses involved with the breeding and puppies are covered by us. At the end of the contract she is spayed and lives out the rest of her life with you :) Families interested in the program should hopefully live no farther than 3-4 hours from us and you will be responsible for all transporting.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home, please see the requirements below. If you can meet the requirements, please fill out the questionnaire. Once we have had a chance to review your questionnaire, we will call you to set up a phone interview. This program is only available for family/home situations - not breeders.

Guardian Home Requirements

  • Prior dog experience

  • Be within 4 hours of our kennel in Loma Rica, CA

  • Preferably own your home and have a fenced yard

  • Have no intact males in the home

  • Bring to our vet for health testing (12-24 mos old)

  • Notify us when heat cycle begins

  • Bring to kennel for breeding

  • Bring to kennel 1 week prior to whelping

  • Pick up female after puppies are weaned

  • Feed a high quality food

  • Cover normal daily care, training & socialization

  • Cover all vet bills not related to breeding

 Dogs currently available for Guardian Homes

Java - Java is SWEET as sugar and she loves people & kids! She is great with other dogs but I think she would prefer to live with just boys though a submissive female may be ok. She listens to me really well; I can let her out in the pasture with chickens/ducks/geese and trust her to come back to me when called. She is an active young dog (2 years old) and would appreciate a fairly active family as well. More pictures & information on Java can be found on her page HERE

Chai - Chai is also a sweetie who loves people & kids. She is great with other dogs but I think she would prefer to live with just boys though a submissive female may be ok. Chai turned 3 in July so she's young and enjoys adventures. She particularly LOVES water and even in the winter plays in it every day lol. More pictures & information on Chai can be found on her page HERE

Moonshine - Moon is a sweet, playful, lovable girl! She is great with other dogs but I think she would prefer to live with just boys though a submissive female may be ok. She just turned 2 so she's young and enjoys adventures! She likes swimming, playing in the water and toys! She can be more aloof with people she doesn’t know but is extremely loyal to her family, she will be your BFF. More pictures & information on Moon can be found on her page HERE