Visiting Procedures
When visiting our home please follow these simple rules to help make sure common puppy viruses are not brought on to our property.

  1. Please do not visit dog parks, veterinary hospitals, other breeders or anywhere where unvaccinated dogs may frequent for a full week before visiting us. Please do not do a day of "kennel hopping" and visit a bunch of breeders on the same day. 
  2.  If you have recently been to a place where unvaccinated dogs may frequent (even if it's just a local park) please where a different pair of shoes to our house.
  3. You will be asked to sanitize the bottom of your shoes and sanitize your hands so don't wear anything nice! It's best to wear closed toed shoes without shoe laces and long pants as you will probably be playing with puppies who have sharp teeth & nails :)
  4. Visits are by appointment only. You must fill out the questionnaire and be approved as a suitable home for one of our dogs before a visit is scheduled. We do not allow random visitors to our home. We do not allow visitors to view newborn puppies as we don't want to stress our moms out and puppies really don't do much the first couple weeks of life anyway so if you are interested in a upcoming litter it's best to visit before the puppies are born. If you are getting a puppy from us we will schedule a visit with you when they are around 5-6 weeks old. 
  5.  HAVE FUN!!