Loujuan's Spiced Chai of Sprague

Hips: OFA prelim Excellent
Elbows: OFA prelim Normal
PennHip: .41/.36
DM gene test - Clear through parentage
Her Pedigree <

Chai comes to us from a wonderful breeder in Oklahoma. Java is her half sister, they have the same dad. She is a stunning cream sable long coat who carries blue. Chai is a happy fun-loving girl who is always up for an adventure. She LOVES water! Most dogs will just put their feet in and wade around but Chai actually swims all around our ponds, sometimes I think she's part duck! She can be talkative at times with soft whimpers & wines especially when she's trying to express her love for you. She also loves to give doggie kisses. She loves meeting new people, especially kids. She's a really sweet, easily trained dog that has a confident, loyal and gentle demeanor. Like all good GSDs she looks forward to relaxing with the family at the end of the day. Chai has great conformation and went to her first show when she was a young pup and just recently (April 2018) went her second show as a young adult and received 2 best of class wins, 2 second place class wins and 1 reserve female win. We are looking forward to showing her more in the future and hopefully earning her championship. She definitely shines in the ring! We expect Chai to be a great addition to our breeding program. We are so happy to have her in our family!