What your puppy comes with

Your puppy from us will come with a “puppy packet” containing:
·        AKC registration application
AKC Reunite microchip registration application
·        Certificate for pet medical insurance with immediate coverage through Trupanion
·        Copy of your pups contract/guarantee
·        CD containing pictures of both parents and pictures & videos of your pup from birth until they leave
·        Personalized birth certificate with your pups paw print
·        Pedigree
·       Health/Vaccination record
·    Collar & leash set perfectly sized for a growing puppy
·       Toy that has been raised with the litter and smells like mom
·        Travel blanket for the ride home that also smells like mom
·        Bag of training treats
·        5-lb bag of food that the puppies are currently being fed
·        Lots of reading material, training tips & advice
·       A list of premium dog foods and an explanation of how to properly feed your pup
·    You also have us for life, any questions or concerns; we are always here to help!

Before going home your pup will:
·         Have their first puppy vaccination
·         Have been mircrochipped
·         Have been wormed several times
Be socialized with adults, kids, cats, big dogs, little dogs, etc
Be introduced to crates, nail trims, car rides and baths
Already have nice recall, we start teaching this early at feeding time
·     Have been started with handling exercises getting the pup used to having its face, ears, feet, tail, etc touched         and “messed” with
·    Have been raised using the “Super Dog Program” and the “The Rules of Seven”
·       Have a great start in life and it's up to you to continue it!

Early Puppy Training

Prior to training we're providing lots of opportunities for the puppies to learn, we're enriching the puppies' environment, encouraging individual mental and physical growth and helping our baby dogs to be the best dogs they can be. Training is about shaping the natural behaviors of our dogs to suit our human lives and for fun, games, activity and so forth.

Most importantly we establish a good foundation for future training. We teach our puppies to earn positive rewards from people by doing simple things they are already inclined to do. We help the puppies "connect the dots" between earning something great and the action that was done which earned that great something. The training "light bulb" goes off in their little heads and they go home ready and eager to learn from their people and earn their meals.

More Info

All our pet puppies are sold with limited AKC registration and come with a 2 year hip/health guarantee (we do not require you to return your pup if it should happen to qualify for a replacement). Puppies can usually go home with their new owner/s around 8 weeks of age. If you would like to see our contract/guarantee please e-mail me and I will send it to you.

Our puppies are available to responsible homes only, German Shepherds are family dogs and do not do well as outside only dogs. They need training and more socializing after they leave our house. This is where many people go wrong in owning German Shepherds, before considering a German Shepherd please do your research! Check the links page for information about German Shepherds.