Stone River's Salhaus Slice of Life

Hips: OFA prelim Excellent
Elbows: OFA prelim Normal
PennHip: 100th percentile .22/.16
DM gene test - Normal/Normal
His Pedigree <

Dexter is a handsome blue & red, who carries for white. He's got a tall, athletic, straight-backed build with a gorgeous head set. He's still got a lot of filling out to do! He's a big, gentle, mellow dude who loves to play fetch & swim in our ponds. Dex loves his toys and always has something in mouth, he treasures his toys and doesn't destroy them. With his super attentive, eager attitude Dex was a joy to train, his favorite trick is to play dead. He loves going for rides in the truck and going on adventures even if it's just going out to the barn to take care of the horses. Dex is always on duty protecting our property and he's the first to let us know when someone is approaching. He's initially aloof with strangers but quickly befriends anyone who will play fetch with him, toys & food are the way to his heart. And even at 100lbs he still tries to be a lap dog, so beware :) Dex makes us laugh every day with his fun-loving, goofy personality. He does not carry the long coat gene so even if he is bred to one of our long coats all the puppies will be short coats. He's a typical old fashioned German Shepherd and we are just so happy to have him in our lives & breeding program.