Shepherd Ark's Bocephus of Sprague

Hips: OFA Excellent
Elbows: OFA Normal

PennHip: .45/.38
DM gene test - Normal/Normal
His Pedigree <

Bocephus or "Bo" as we usually call him comes to us from a wonderful breeder in New York. His coloring is called “Isabella” which means he is genetically blue & liver. Everyone falls in love with his color & eyes and then when they realize he also has a temperament of gold to match they want to take him home! He is the total package of beauty, brains and health! Bo has the typical old fashioned straight-backed structure that we strive for. He has great bone and a beautiful classic GSD head. Bo is always happy to go places with us. He frequents local stores with us all the time and is a perfect gentleman. He is always looking forward to accompanying us for daily ranch chores too. He is great with all the animals. He especially loves puppies and is so gentle with them, he is a great helper in socializing our litters with big dogs. He has great food drive, loves learning new things and always does his best to please you. He is naturally protective of our home but as soon as I give him the okay he will be the first to greet you for pets and is known to try and sneak in your lap if you sit down! He is an easy-going, gentle, super sweet boy who is always steady and fearless. Like our other boys he can also have a goofy streak at times and he can always put a smile on your face! We just love Bo and are really looking forward to incorporating his lines into our breeding program.