Meine Schoen Blaue Rose

Hips: OFA Good
Her Pedigree <

Rose is the perfect companion and family dog. She loves to go with me everywhere from accompanying me to the grocery store to camping with the family at the ocean, she is always happy to tag along. She has a soft spot for kids and just loves to be around them. And even though she has such a loving personality, she can still be protective when need be. She loves to please and was very easy to train, she will happily give you a doggie high five and a "paw shake" if you ask. Rose is now retired but because she loves puppies so much she happily helps the other girls take care of their pups so she is known as Grandma Rosie around here now :0) She is the one that started my great love for German Shepherds! A big thank you to Shelley at Salhaus GSD's for letting me get her all those years ago! Lexi is her daughter.

*Rose made her way to the rainbow bridge on December 10th, 2014. She went peacefully in her favorite spot (next to the fireplace) and is buried by our willow tree that is overlooking the pond. I've had her half of my life and we've been through so much together, it's been a great 14 years. It's comforting to know that she lives on through all her descendants. I love you so much Momma Rose, thank you for all that you've taught me and the never ending friendship <3*