Ardtalamcu Sno' on Nevis

Hips & Elbows: OFA Good

Ben came to us one rainy day in November 2003, we traveled to San Francisco to pick him up. He was on a plane for a long time as he was shipped from Scotland. When we let him out of his crate he happily pranced out and gave us all puppy kisses, he was totally unfazed by the long flight. He was a sweetie from the moment we first met him. He is naturally protective of our home and family but loves people once we tell him "it's okay." He will happily shower you with doggie kisses, if you let him. He is very patient with kids and our small dog, Dizzy, who likes to "annoy" the bigger dogs. He is incredibly smart, likes training and is very dependable. He has a calm demeanor and is always happy to go places with us. He has a great head, large bone and lovely structure. He is a long-coat white with a few light cream highlights, he is a very gorgeous boy and he knows it! He can produce solid colored pups and blues when bred to the right female. We just love Ben and are so happy to have him here! See his daughters Hayze & Eve.

* With a broken heart and tears in my eyes I must let everyone know that Ben is no longer with us :'( He has went to the rainbow bridge. He will be greatly missed and will live on in all the wonderful puppies he produced. Rest in peace my sweet, goofy, gorgeous were loved by a lot of people and will NEVER be forgotten ♥ *